When large retailers have an enormous number of items in inventory, they need efficient tools for managing their marketing campaigns and complex, frequently changing discounts. Seltzer Interactive researched and designed an inventory management tool to do just that.


The Challenge

The challenge: Making the tool easy enough that anyone can handle complex discounts and pricing without much training. In real life, coupons may apply to some items and not others, and items may be added after discounts have been applied. Should you apply the discounts to the new items? Seltzer solved these problems and a host of others.




The Seltzer team performed upfront research to define the right mental model and create a flexible, responsive design that can be adopted quickly by people at every point in the retail cycle.

This design was created as a proof of concept for a vendor to large department store chains, and is covered by an non-disclosure agreement (NDA), so the details we can share are limited -- but let us provide you with your own juicy Seltzer Interactive design solution.


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