Neatt connects and empowers small housecleaning businesses and the clients who need their services.

People who operate small cleaning businesses face a variety of hurdles in competing with larger companies that provide the same services but pay workers a fraction of what they can earn independently. Neatt levels the playing field by providing online tools for connecting with clients, seamlessly managing bookings, work schedules and contact lists. Clients can see and leave feedback and ratings, schedule and pay for services. As with other Seltzer projects, building trust is key to success, and trust is addressed at every point in the process.





 For this project, the Seltzer team conduct extensive research with service providers and clients to understand their needs and concerns. The team created user flows, sketches, wireframes, and an HTML prototype that was used in testing design concepts with potential users.

The process required the team to develop a deep understanding of how small businesses are run, their risks and the opportunities that drive them. 



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