SmartFitted pairs the trust of the local tailor with innovative Web-based 3D technology to provide buyers with truly bespoke dress shirts and suits.

For this project, Seltzer Interactive conducted upfront research to understand customers' concerns about buying suits, particularly online. The Seltzer team identified customer goals, desires and pain points, and used them to develop two customer personas: one who is young and wants to stand out, and another who may be a little older and have needs that aren't met by off-the-rack clothiers. Seltzer also analyzed the online buying experience from start to checkout, focusing especially on the measurement process and buyers' customization options.


The End Result


A retail site that is simple to use and emphasizes the seller's credibility and trustworthiness. The checkout effort is streamlined to just two steps to ensure that transactions are completed.

SmartFitted is projected to launch in June 2016 under the commercial name of Taillur. Initially the site will include video tools for gathering measurements, as 3D technology becomes more robust and it's commonplace in mobile devices.

The R&D team is currently working on the development of the 3D application to be incorporated into the site.

We arrived at Seltzer Interactive after trying many failed attempts at designs that did not work. From the beginning their approach was the correct, understanding not only what we wanted to see in our e-commerce site, but what our objectives were. The value that they brought to our company is immense and they will have in us a re-occurring client.
— Gina Rodriguez - CEO

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