Can we speak freely?


With Yours, yes. Said something you regret? The Yours chat app lets you take it back.

Yours ensures that you always have control of what you've shared. You can be as honest as you need to be, knowing that your words can't be shared with others. You can erase conversations from your own device, from others' devices or both. Yours adds control to conversations where trust is not ensured.

Because it removes the element of uncertainty, Yours allows for richer, more candid and purposeful conversation.





Seltzer Interactive collaborated with the Yours team in Peru to develop a feature-rich app that prevents content from being shared with anyone but your conversation partners. To create the Yours design, the Seltzer team interviewed stakeholders and analyzed the spectrum of chat apps, then developed a number of design concepts that addressed Yours' unique needs and opportunities. We developed user flows and mental models to explore exactly how people's privacy needs can best be met, in a way that allows for conversations to happen naturally. We tested a variety of features to identify user needs and expectations for privacy protection tools. We delivered a complete set of high-fidelity wireframes that were the blueprint for the final product. We put the pop in Yours.

Yours is in development now and will be launched to the international Android market in 2016.

We started the adventure of creating YOURS with having a solid UX with the Seltzer team. They exceeded our expectations, not only because they placed well our dreams into wireframes, but also gave us new ideas and tons of patience when we needed, which finally resulted in a very professional deliverable.
— Jose Luis Mogrovejo - CEO

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